Professional Solar Panel
Installations in Ottawa

The addition of solar panels on your home’s roof is a great way
to reduce, or even eliminate your consumption of local utility.
Whether you’re looking for a solar-only or solar backup solution,
we’ll be happy to help. We will design and build a solar energy
system that meets your consumption and install it with utmost
care and precision. Reach out to get started!

A Solar Panel Array
Tailored for Your Home

Residential solar panel arrays are not a one-size-fits-all type of
system. They require thoughtful planning and precise calculations to
meet your home’s energy needs, roof dimensions, slope, orientation
and your choice between grid-tied or off-grid. Here’s what you can
expect from us:
  • We conduct a full cable & equipment power loss calculation.
  • Site modeling and simulations to maximize future energy production.
  • We provide you with a concept design, costs, equipment selection, plans & warranties.
  • We’ll explain our solar project proposal and guide you through
    available features/equipment so you can make an informed decision.

Our Process is Simple

If you need solar energy solutions, we’ll be there from conception to
completion. We have the experience and accreditation to lead the way
in all phases of your solar project, here’s what you can expect.

From your initial assessment to project management, budgeting, scheduling and acquiring your permits, we handle all major aspects of your project.


We acquire the best quality materials for your project at the lowest cost possible, giving you the best value for your dollar.


We design your solar project to ensure that it meets your needs in the most affordable way
possible. We do it all, including system designs to as-built drawings.


Our project manager leads all construction projects to ensure that installation, construction and maintenance projects go smoothly and efficiently.

Green Incentives for
Your Solar Project

Take advantage of the various incentives and grants available for
your solar energy retrofit project. Interest free loans, federal
grants, and much more.

Contact Ottawa’s
Solar Energy Experts

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